The PHCF Board meets 7:00am on the third Wednesday of every month at the Home Café in Conrad, MT

Board of Directors & Officers

Maria Cates – President, Chair

Shirley Kronebusch – Vice President

Jackie Wheeler – Secretary

Brooke Wheeler – Treasurer

Jackie Wheeler – Fundraising Committee Chair

Shirley Kronebusch – Finance Committee Chair

Janelle Nelson – Director

Patty Hackley – Director

Rachel Theiman – Director

Art Pearson – Director

Bernard Ries – Pondera Medical Center Non-Voting Representative

Advisory Council Members

Darby Donoven – Chair

Roxy Zomer

Pam McFarland

Linda O’Brien

Barb Habets

Scott Johnson

Ruthie Powers

Casey Rasmussen

Randi Sunford

Brett Huntsinger

Jane Holzer

Joanne Cobb

Monica Taylor

Teresa Akre

Finance Committee

Shirley Kronebusch – Chair

Steve Farrar

Brooke Wheeler

Darby Donovan – Advisory

Fundraising Committee

Jackie Wheeler – Chair

Janelle Nelson

Patty Hackley

Art Pearson

Pathway Committee

Maria Cates – Chair

Rachel Thielman

Patty Hackley

Art Pearson