PHCF Meets Fundraising Goals

PHCF Meets Fundraising Goals

Pondera HealthCare Foundation (PHCF) event planners for the Taste of Pondera are pleased to announce that their fundraising has resulted in meeting the goal of purchasing a blood refrigerator and a plasma freezer for Pondera Medical Center Laboratory.  The Taste of Pondera was held February 11, 2017 and the equipment was successfully installed by the middle of May.  Taste of Pondera donations were also used to purchase a patient lift in the PMC Extended Care.

Dede Brown, PHCF board member met with Barbara Meuli, who is PMC Lab Manager and Clinical Laboratory Scientist, for a demonstration of the new cooling equipment.  Barb explained the benefits of the blood refrigerator and plasma freezer and how they meet American Red Cross storage recommendations.  Also, PMC is a Trauma Receiving Facility and this new blood refrigerator and plasma freezer will benefit patients who have been involved in a trauma incident.

Besides blood and plasma, both pieces of equipment store other chemicals and agents necessary for lab diagnostics and calibration of testing equipment. They also provide emergency storage for PMC clinic supplies during a power outage, since that portion of the campus does not have generator back up.

When asked about the importance of these two pieces of equipment, Barb stated, “It’s most heartwarming that these were purchased from 100% community donations.  The Pondera HealthCare Foundation realized our critical need and they got the fundraising done.”

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